10 Bitcoin (BTC) To Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

10 Bitcoin (BTC) To Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

10 BTC (Bitcoin) Berapa Rupiah = RP 9988996844.25 IDR – Nilai Google

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1 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp 1,032,574,328.77 IDR
5 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp 1,032,574,328.77 (IDR)
10 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp9,988,996,844.25 (IDR)
15 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp15,489,267,265.23 (IDR)
20 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp20,650,566,191.9 (IDR)
25 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp25,813,207,739.8 (IDR)
30 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp30,977,021,116.3 (IDR)
40 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp41,338,656,198.8 (IDR)
50 BTC Berapa Rupiah Rp51,678,531,011.0 (IDR)

10 Bitcoin (BTC) To Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Bitcoin (BTC) Stats Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Bitcoin (BTC)
Symbol BTC
Launch Date January 3, 2009
Founder(s) Satoshi Nakamoto
Total Supply 21 million BTC
Consensus Method Proof of Work (PoW)
Block Time Approximately 10 minutes
Block Reward Currently 6.25 BTC per block
Halving Schedule Approximately every 4 years
All-Time High $69,000 (November 2021)
Genesis Block Block 0 (January 3, 2009)
Current Hash Rate Varies, typically in the exahashes (EH/s)
Current Difficulty Varies, adjusted every 2,016 blocks
Market Cap Varies based on market conditions
Exchange Rate Varies based on market conditions
Key Features Decentralized, limited supply, pseudonymous
Use Cases Store of value, peer-to-peer transactions

Indonesion Rupiah (IDR) Stats Wiki

Name Indonesian Rupiah
Symbol Rp
Minor Unit 1/100 = Sen (obsolete)
Central Bank Rate
Top IDR Conversion IDR/USD
Top IDR Chart IDR to GBP
IDR Profile

IDR Profile:

Inflation 2.61% (2023)
Coins Freq Used: Rp500, Rp1000
Banknotes Freq Used: Rp1,000, Rp2,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000, Rp100,000
Rarely Used Rp75,000 (commemorative)
Central Bank Bank Indonesia
Website www.bi.go.id

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