Metrobank Swift Code: Understanding SWIFT Codes for Banks (2024 Guide)

Hello! Today, we’re going to learn about something called a SWIFT code. It might sound a bit complicated, but don’t worry. We’ll make it fun and easy to understand. We will talk about the Metrobank SWIFT Code and other important SWIFT codes. Let’s get started!

What is a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code is like a special address for banks. Imagine you want to send a letter to a friend. You need their address, right? A SWIFT code helps send money from one bank to another, just like sending a letter to a friend. It makes sure the money goes to the right place.

Why Do We Need SWIFT Codes?

We need SWIFT codes to make sure money goes to the right bank. It’s like having a magic address that tells the bank exactly where to send the money. This way, your money doesn’t get lost and goes to the right person.

What is the Metrobank SWIFT Code?

Now, let’s talk about the Metrobank SWIFT Code. Metrobank, or Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, is one of the biggest banks in the Philippines. Its SWIFT code is MBTCPHMMXXX. This code helps people from other countries send money to Metrobank in the Philippines.

Bank Name SWIFT Code Bank Address City Country BIC Code
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. MBTCPHMMXXX GT Tower International, 6813 Ayala Ave Cor HV Dela Costa St City of Makati Philippines MBTCPHMMXXX

How to Use a SWIFT Code

Union Bank SWIFT code in the Philippines BDO Swift Code Metrobank SWIFT Code

Step 1: Get the Right SWIFT Code

First, you need to know the correct SWIFT code of the bank you’re sending money to. For example, if you’re sending money to Metrobank, you use MBTCPHMMXXX. If you’re sending money to BDO, you use BNORPHMMXXX.

Step 2: Fill in the Form

When you send money, you need to fill out a form. This form asks for the SWIFT code. It’s like writing the address on a letter.

Step 3: Double-Check Everything

Make sure everything is correct. Check the SWIFT code, the bank name, and the address. It’s like making sure you have the right address before mailing a letter.

Step 4: Send the Money

Once everything is ready, you can send the money. The SWIFT code will guide it to the right bank, just like a postman delivering a letter.

Why Knowing the SWIFT Code is Important

Knowing the SWIFT code is super important. It makes sure your money goes to the right place quickly and safely. Imagine if you sent a letter to the wrong address. That would be bad, right? The same goes for money.

Fun Fact: BIC Code

A SWIFT code is also called a BIC code. BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code. It’s just another name for the same magic address.


So, now you know all about SWIFT codes! They are like special addresses that help banks send money to the right place. The Metrobank SWIFT Code is MBTCPHMMXXX. For BDO Unibank, it’s BNORPHMMXXX.

Important Tips

  1. Always Check the SWIFT Code: Make sure you have the right code before sending money.
  2. Ask for Help: If you’re not sure, ask an adult to help you. They can make sure everything is correct.
  3. Double-Check: Always double-check the SWIFT code, bank name, and address.


Learning about SWIFT codes is like learning a secret code for banks. Now you know how to use the Metrobank SWIFT Code and other SWIFT codes like a pro. It’s easy and fun, just like sending a letter to a friend. Remember to always double-check and ask for help if you need it. Happy banking!

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