How to Renew your Passport in Malaysia Online or by Appointment: 2024 Guide

Renewing your Malaysian passport used to be a choice between online. Since May 2022, most people must use the online method.

Online Passport Renewal in Malaysia

Renewing your passport online is simple and quick. However, you must collect your passport in person once it’s ready and bring some important documents with you.

Steps to Renew Your Passport Online

  1. Go to MyOnline Passport Portal: Visit the Official Portal for online Passport Renewal.
  2. Fill in the Form: Complete the Online Application form with your Details.
  3. Upload Your Photo: Provide a Recent Passport Sized Photo.
  4. Choose a Collection Office: Select the Passport Recipient and Issuance Office where you will pick up your New Passport. You can see the full list here.
  5. Pay the Fee: Use a Credit or Debit card to pay the Application Fee.
  6. Get Your Collection Date: You will Receive a Date and time to collect your Passport.
  7. Collect Your Passport: Bring the required documents to the office on Collection Day.

Who Can Renew Online?

  • Adults: People aged 13 and above can renew their passports online.
  • Children (13-18): Can renew online with parent or guardian consent. The adult must accompany the child to collect the passport.

Required Documents for Online Renewal

  • Current E-Passport: Your existing passport with a microchip.
  • Identification Card (MyKad): Needed for passport collection.
  • Payment Receipt: Proof of payment received after application.
  • Passport-Sized Photo: Taken at a professional studio, with a white background.
  • Birth Certificate: For applicants under 18.

Who Needs to Visit In Person?

  • Illegal Exit: If you left Malaysia illegally.
  • Lost or Damaged Passport: If your passport is lost, damaged, or expired.
  • Students: Continuing studies.
  • Children Under 13: Must visit with a parent.
  • Persons with Disabilities: (OKU).
  • Referral: If the system says “Please Refer to the Immigration Office”.
  • Senior Citizens: Over 60 years old can benefit from a lower fee.

No Appointment Needed

Walk-in slots are available for in-person renewals. However, you can also try booking an appointment on the Online Application Portal, though this might not be available for long.

Required Documents for In-Person Renewal

  • Current Passport: Your old passport.
  • Identification Card (MyKad): Proof of identity.
  • Payment Method: Credit or debit card (cash not accepted).

Passport Renewal Fees in Malaysia

The cost of renewing a passport in Malaysia varies by age:

Application Fee
Aged 13-59 RM 200
Over 60 (Senior Citizen) RM 100

Fees are payable online or at the counter using a credit or debit card.


How long does Online Passport Renewal take in Malaysia?

If eligible and you have all documents, the process is fast. Apply before 3:00 PM on a working day, and your passport may be ready the same day. Later applications will be ready the next working day. For more details, visit the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

How to check your Passport Number Online in Malaysia?

  • Log in: Access the Online Passport Renewal Portal.
  • Find Information: Look under Personal Information.
  • Note Down: Your passport number will be shown. Copy or screenshot it for reference.

What is the Malaysian Passport Photo Size?

How to Renew your Passport in Malaysia Online or by Appointment

  • Size: 35mm by 50mm.
  • Guidelines: Follow rules about distance, attire, and background. Use a Passport Photo Editor App if needed.

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